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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: I have recently heard a rumor that the last Harry Potter book is
going to have some sort of sexually explicit scene involving Harry and one
of the female characters. Needless to say, this shocked me, as the Harry
Potter series was intended for children; the thought of a sex scene in a
children's book is, to say the least, appalling to me. I am hoping that
this is no more than a rumor, and that Harry will keep it in his pants
throughout the series.
Clearly, this person never read the Alana series of books by Tamora Pierce. Also in the "young adult" section, its sex scenes were not graphic or anything, but they were there... and I think the kids involved may even have been under 18. *exaggerated gasp* Although they could have been juuust over. Plus there was crossdressing! *swoon*
Originally Posted by Johnny Slick View Post
It's "what's the buzz" as in "tell me what'sa happening what's the buzz".
Ohhhhh... see, I should have got that, because the complainer's obvious lack of grammar and syntax should have told me that they would add an erroneous "'s" where none existed. Naughty iguana... pay attention!
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