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Whoops. Got all messed up trying to put the right question 7 in (as always, question 7 is delayed one week as per Ken Jennings' request) and I double-pasted some stuff.

Here's the revised, correct version with just one set of last week's answers and one of this week's questions.


1. Before closing its Kalamazoo assembly line in 1982, what company produced America's most iconic taxicabs for over thirty years, including five thousand in New York City alone?
The Checker Motor Corporation made the checker cabs you probably still imagine when you picture a taxicab. Unless you're picturing the flying cab from The Fifth Element. Which I am doing, right now. And constantly.

2. What African kingdom changed its name to eSwatini this week, making it the only nation on earth not to captalize its first letter?
tHat's tHe nEw nAme fOr tHe kIngdom oF sWaziland.

3. What French word for "origin" is used to describe the chain of ownership of an artifact in art and archaeology?
On Law & Order, they call this "chain of custody," but in the art world, and on Law & Order: SVU (Sotheby's Validation Unit), this is known as "provenance."

4. The three main types of volcanoes are stratovolcanoes, cinder cones, and a flatter type named for what object?
Low, blobby volcanoes formed by years of fluid lava flow are called shield volcanoes, for their low, curved, vaguely shield-like shape.

5. In what movie does Samuel L. Jackson play FBI agent Neville Flynn, escorting a suspect to Los Angeles for trial?
Flynn's flight back to L.A. becomes a reptile-filled nightmare in the 2006 classic Snakes on a Plane.

6. What future world leader won the Best Foreign Play Obie for The Memorandum in 1968, 25 years before his presidency began?
Vaclav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic, was an accomplished playwright before his political career began.

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these TV characters? Earl Hickey, Rebecca Howe, Steven Hyde, Major Sarah MacKenzie, Dharma Montgomery, Peggy Olson, Sneaky Pete, Bart Simpson.
Each character was played by an actor who is (or was) a Scientologist. I think in all cases the actors were Church of Scientology members at the same time the show was on the air, though sometimes that's hard to document.


1. Before Russell Westbrook, who was the only player ever to average a triple-double over an entire NBA season?

2. In what TV show's first-season intro can a U.S. flag be seen flying at half-staff, since it was filmed at Honolulu's Ala Wai Yacht Club the week of the Kennedy assassination?

3. What is the evident occupation of "Vegas Vic," the neon sign mascot who's been a symbol for Las Vegas since 1951?

4. The "diethyl" form of what class of organic compounds was once used as a solvent and an anesthetic?

5. What beloved 1936 work of classical music has, as one of its title characters, a member of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization?

6. The "bystander effect" in psychology is sometimes named after what Queens woman, murdered in March 1964?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these albums? Brain Drain by the Ramones, Diamond Dogs by David Bowie, The First Time by Kelsea Bellerini, The Kick Inside by Kate Bush, Moving Pictures by Rush, Ride the Lightning by Metallica, Sittin' In by Loggins and Messina, They Only Come Out at Night by the Edgar Winter Group, Tuesday Night Music Club by Sheryl Crow, The Velvet Underground & Nico.

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