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Originally Posted by Plurabelle View Post

I can't imagine wanting to keep an engagement ring my ex-so paid for and gave me unless I planned to sell it... I obviously wouldn't wear it, so why, unless out of spite? Which seems...silly. At worst, if I were hard up, I might ask for some reasonable compensation.
This is what bothers me too. If it had been a ring the husband had purchased and given her I don't think this would even be an issue, and I agree that she'd be well within her rights to keep it (and be very surprised if he asked for it back) but what would she do with it then? What do most women do? Keep it, sell it, regift it, hang on to it if there are children of the marriage to pass it on to -- lots of options. But likely wearing it, and certainly not treasuring it, are among those choices.

In this specific case she's keeping the ring, she had only for a very brief period of time, and she's doing so, IMO, totally out of spite. It's sad but honestly it reflects way more on her than anyone else. As long as my cousin can maintain the high road and not make this a huge issue. They asked for the ring back - they were refused - and I think they should let it go at this point and hope the bride has second thoughts when the first months of turmoil after the break up have passed. Of course the big concern is she's going to sell it and I agree with others that offering to buy it back - or make some concessions in the divorce settlement to sweeten the pot - might be a good idea.
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