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Originally Posted by RobDBlackwolf View Post
And to be honest, the lack of "hand holding" is indeed a deliberate thing.
Yes, I sometimes think that David Braben must be in a constant battle with his developers - left to himself he'd just write a universe simulator and make you fly from one end to the other using relativistic mechanics, but his developers insist that he puts in at least a semblance of a playable game!

The thing that gets me about that particular lack of warning is that a real ship that advanced would surely warn you about that! It's not as though the course calculator doesn't know about it - it puts that little indicator on the map, after all.

I'm playing solo so I don't think I can use the Fuel Rats. I did find a reference to them, but the site seemed to be down when I looked anyway and I wondered if they'd ceased operating.
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