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The latest Kickstarter DLC for Shantae; Half Genie Hero came out this week, Friends To The End.

In this one, instead of controlling Shantae, you control her three friends, Bolo, Sky, and Rottytops as they try to save her after she's been turned into the evil Nega-Shantae. You control all three of them, actively switching between characters to take advantage of their special abilities: Bolo can smash large blocks and uses a grapple hook to swing from targets, Sky can glide and create temporary platforms, and Rottytops can throw her head to bypass obstacles and reach high platforms.

Compared to the core game or the first DLC, Pirate Queen's Quest, this one has a serious boot to the pants as far as difficulty goes. You've got only got three health bars in this one with no apparent means of upgrading them, unlike the other two where you could go as high as eight health bars. Also, while in the previous two you could buy permanent upgrades to your offensive power, in this one you instead collect gems to "level up" your attacks but if you take damage you drop some gems and go down in level.

While some players complained that Half Genie Hero was too easy of a platformer, I think that they badly overcorrected on Friends Till The End and made it unnecessarily difficult.
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