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In looking up what I was supposed to do, I found that the only thing you can do in that situation is self-destruct!
Actually there is a group of players around, called the Fuel Rats. You can contact them and they will refuel you, free of charge. It's actually an awesome experience, they once rescued me when I was in a ship without fuel, life support with 2 minutes left, in free fall in the gravity well of a planet.

Also you can filter the stars on your route to make sure your journey only uses (if possible) scoopable stars.

As for the Engineers, yeah, it can be a RNG pain. However, they are planning to overhaul it in 2018 where you might get less effective upgrades, but they stack and you are guaranteed to improve it. In other words, the first one might just give an increased jump range for 2%, the next one would bump it to 5%, then maybe 6%, then 9, etc. Also they plan to remove the secondary effects (which sometimes can ruin the whole thing).

And to be honest, the lack of "hand holding" is indeed a deliberate thing. The CEO of the software company was the co-programmer of the original Elite in 1984, and thus they went with the more hard-core difficulty of the olden days instead of (if you forgive my tongue in cheek) "Press X to not die" which seems a bit prevalent in current games. That is one reason why they went with self-published and Kickstarter instead of asking EA or Activision for their money (and meddling).

Finally: If you are on Facebook, I can only recommend the "Elite: Dangerous Community" group. It's a great place to ask for hints, helps and just to discuss the game.
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