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Just finished Ghost Protocol: Wildlands and have some negative comments about it. *Major spoiler ahead* Like too many games, it can't maintain consistency to the play style when it comes to the ending. Throughout the entire game, you have been working small operations from stealth, occasionally getting ambushed by small groups. But when it comes to the final mission, you are ambushed by both your previous allies and the entire game becomes a mad race to the end with ambushes by heavily armed soldiers at every step along the way.

If you are playing it and want a hint to finish the last mission quickly, here is a hint with a touch of spoiler. As you head down the hill, you'll see a set of railroad tracks. Drive down them all the way to the base of the mausoleum's mountain. You can then drive off the tracks right onto the path that leads up to the entrance, including driving up the steps each way. I kind of think this is what the developers may have had in mind due to the setup and how easy it is to do this.
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