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Picked up a free Android (think it has an iPhone version too) game called "Day R Survival". It is a post-apocalyptic survival game in 1990 Soviet Union. Pretty detailed and realistic for a smart phone game. You have to manage hunger, thirst, fatigue, poisoning, blood loss, and radiation and fend off hostile wildlife* while you search for supplies and try to find your family. Have only scratched the surface, but pretty engaging. For now I'm playing hardcore where death is final and I have to start over. Got the premium version for $0.99 which allows you to save anywhere (free game has scattered save points) which makes it a lot better since I can play for a few minutes without having to leave the game running in the background. It has microtransactions where you can buy supplies or goods, but they are very much in the background.

Side note: Dear YouTube video poster. Hacking the game data files to change the price of goods is not a "glitch".

* Who knew that 1990's USSR was full of free roaming lynxes?
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