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Originally Posted by Darth Credence View Post
I can't lock her out of the room, because she will attack something.
Sounds ideal - can't you just give her a controller?

I've picked up Elite: Dangerous again. It's still a frustrating but oddly addictive game. There are so many tedious tasks that would really be automated with that level of technology, or processes that would never be that haphazard in reality. The ships seem to have less computing power than the console you're running the game on! Certainly worse user interfaces. And some of the space stations have a random announcement that "if you are in the docking area without authorisation, please leave now" or something like that; it's not directed at anybody, just a standard announcement like the "no smoking" announcement at stations. This is a bit like an airport routinely broadcasting to all traffic, "any planes that are on the runway but aren't meant to be, please move to the side"...

I took on a mission (two identical missions from the same place, actually) to deliver some report to literally the other side of the galaxy, 22,000 light years away. I was attracted to it by the unusually large payment, which in retrospect is ridiculously small, but I'd wanted an excuse to do some exploring a bit further from the starting point. However, I'd assumed that there would be the occasional planet with an economy and the odd space station, even out in the middle of nowhere - since it's all procedurally generated, I'd thought that it would be relatively homogeneous even if some areas had a higher density of inhabited systems than others.

But between the starting system and the system I'm meant to deliver the report to, there's literally thousands of light years of completely uninhabited systems. You can scan the planets and sell the data - except that there's nobody there to sell it to. The time limit on the mission was nearly a week, and I think it would pretty much take a week of play to fly across the galaxy like that, and all you would be doing would be jumping from one system to another, scooping fuel, maybe stopping to scan something, and jumping to the next star. At the end of it, the money from the delivery would be nothing compared to the money you could potentially make from scanning planets (or the money you'd have made from staying where you were and doing sensible missions for that long), but also you'd be stuck in a sparsely-inhabited region at the other end of the galaxy and would have to do the same again if you wanted to get back to the end where things are actually happening.

I took the whole afternoon to get less than 500 light-years away, and then gave up and turned back to the nearest planet that actually had somewhere I could sell the data I'd gathered.

And I didn't even get the achievement for scanning a planet nobody had been to - this entire volume of the galaxy seems to have been thoroughly explored already. There must still be huge regions that nobody has been to, since it's supposed to have as many stars in it as the real galaxy (which is about 100 billion), and if that's true then vast areas must still be unexplored, but I couldn't see any sign of them. There are some very persistent and obsessive people playing this game...
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