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I wound up buying Supergirl for whatever reason. I have many questions: Did Superman write to Argo about Trees, names, the English language and Saturn? Did Jor-El spend a year teaching Superman sixth-dimensional geometry? So Supergirl can leave Argo because blah blah ship but she ditches the ship, gets the suit and just flies back? OTOH, the bit where she dawdles around getting the Omegahedron actually makes a certain sense: First off, where Superman had years to learn, she gets mere hours. And then it's shown that Kara and the Omegahedron ended up in different spots (to the point where she's probably incredibly lucky to have landed on the same planet). She can blend in with the inexplicable uniform, and the bad guys are fooled by her appearance.

And then I watched The Goonies to preview it for my six-year-old nephew. I enjoyed it, but don't think it's right just yet.