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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
Zelda Breath of the Wild was kind of great, for me. It wasn’t linear the way previous Zelda games were, and the puzzles were engaging enough that I enjoyed it without getting angry. It was a big world to explore, to me anyway. Are there games like that you would recommend?
There are a lot of open world rpg games, but most of them have a different style and gameplay than Breath of the Wild did. Different enough that interest in it is not guaranteed to transfer over to Elder Scrolls type open world RPGs. That was one of the most successful examples of that type of game, so it will be hard to match.

If the thing you like is the puzzles, then honestly, Portal (1 and 2 both) is the closest thing I can think of to that sort of gameplay. Except Portal is nothing but the shrines without any of the world and the rest of the game. And the puzzles are slightly more involved, but not to a frustrating degree of difficulty. There aren't a lot of games that I can think of that combine puzzles and rpgs, so the games that have the open world combat will mostly be somewhat less puzzle oriented.

A lesser known puzzle game that is similar to Portal, and possibly even more similar to Breath of the Wild shrines, is Quantum Conundrum. Similar to Breath of the Wild, you have 4 main abilities with which to solve physics based puzzles. You can shift everything to be heavy metal, or fluffy pillows, you can reverse gravity, and you can slow time. A sample puzzle might be to turn a piece of furniture light, give it a good throw, slow time and jump on top of it as it slowly moves in mid air, then turn reverse gravity off and on to make it keep moving forward in a sine wave instead of just falling to the ground, and finally turn it heavy to crash through a barrier on the other side of a large pit.

I haven't played it yet (I'm expecting it for Christmas), but the new Mario game is getting rave reviews. It's a departure from traditional Mario games, and has a big open world full of puzzles, much like Breath of the Wild. Instead of Korok seeds you solve mini-puzzles to find hidden moon fragments, but there are a lot of similarities. The mechanic of being able to transform Mario into lots of different creatures seems like a lot of fun.
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