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It would be fun to have a Viscera Cleanup Detail map based off of one of the Doom levels like there is for the second Shadow Warrior game, but since the devs for VCD have moved on to other projects (it left Early Access in 2015), I doubt we'll see one unless a really creative someone makes a Steam Workshop map.

I don't have a budget for the "AAA" $60 releases, so I tend toward the Indie games like VCD, or wait a year and go for the big budget titles during the Steam Xmas sale.

Doom was $14.99 during the sale that just ended. I got all three Skyrim expansions for $4.99 (they were between $10.00 for Hearthfire and $19.99 for Dawngaurd when they were released) during the Xmas sale last year.

(*Doesn't feel the need to get the latest and greatest the minute it comes out, and couldn't care less how I'm 'branded' when it comes to whether or not anyone is a "real gamer"...)
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