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Originally Posted by iskinner View Post
I watched in Sacramento, which is the setting of the movie, as well as the home town of the writer/director. It was very amusing to be watching the movie in the historic Tower theater which was featured in a montage of Sacramento landmarks. Something about seeing a movie in the theater that is in the movie.
I might have to go do that, too. I don't often see movies at the Tower just because there are other theaters closer to me, and I don't go to see movies at the theater very often to begin with. I think the majority of times I've been there was when I had family visiting from out of town and I wanted to show them a local landmark. But I was thinking even before you mentioned it that Lady Bird seemed like the sort of movie they would show and that it might be fun to watch it there.

A bit of trivia for non-Sacramento area snopesters: The Tower Theater in Sacramento was where Tower Records got its name.