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Saw Justice League. Loved it. I have no idea what problems critics have with it, because it was just what I was looking for in the movie. The Flash was outstanding - I'm a big fan of The Flash on TV, but I think Ezra Miller may have outdone them. Momoa was great as Aquaman, and his water scenes and stuff with Mera made me excited for his solo outing. Gal Gadot was every bit as good as in WW. The guy playing Cyborg was good, and played a major part, but was not the standout that the others were. Batman and Superman were fine - nothing special, but fine. Superman's best moments by far were interacting with the Flash.
Worst parts of the movie are the holdouts from Man of Steel. Cavill as Superman, to a degree, but I actually saw bits of him being Super. The biggest problem by far was Henry Cavill's lip. But Amy Adams was horrible, and I don't know why they continue to bring Diane Lane into the show. She did nothing to justify the screen time. (As a note, I love Amy Adams in almost everything else, and think she needs to be cast as adult Bev in IT, but her Lois is by far the worst Lois I've ever seen.)