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Saw Justice League. I freely admit I'm wondering how much of this movie was Zack Snyder's creation and how much of it was Joss Whedon; it does have Snyder's heavy use of slo-mo, but it is entirely too well-lit and there's little, if any, shaky cam. Maybe Snyder was visited by three ghosts, which inspired him to buy a tripod and realize, "Y'know, maybe light and color aren't the enemies I always thought they were."

I've more or less accepted that anything the DC movies does, the DCAU has done ten times better. There will never be anything close to the scope and grandeur of the DCAU. Some have come close, but for me, Kevin Conroy is and always will be Batman, and Mark Hamill is and always will be the Joker. Of course, you can't talk about this kind of stuff unless you're around other animation buffs. :grumbles:

In any case, it's not as good as Wonder Woman, but it's loads better than any of the films before. It actually has light and color AND the heroes are actually acting heroic, rather than just everyone saying they're heroic. Well, except for Batman. For some reason, dark and angsty=being a butt who is absolutely no fun to be around.

They were clearly trying to ape Spider-Man from Captain America 3 with Barry Allen, which got a little tiring after a while. Peter Parker was a goofball and was overflowing with excitement over being invited to the melee, but at the same time, he could actually hold his own in a fight. Again, DC tries to imitate Marvel tropes without understanding why said trope worked, a rare slipup in the DCEU.

In any case, I don't really have a lot to say. Nice to know I don't have to do any more frothing rants regarding Zack Snyder. I honestly think I should get that procedure done from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so I can forget Man of Steel. That movie provokes so much fervor in me, so much so that if anything happens to Snyder, I'm probably on the top of the suspects list. I won't go into too much detail, unless asked, but there are bad movies and then there are the type of bad movies where you're like, "All right, now this has gotten personal!"

I heard rumors that DC is considering calling it quits on their cinematic universe. I'm not going to deny that I understand why they would. They've poured in all this money, only to wind up with a lot of insane fanboy rage. Frankly I keep going, "Get the guys involved with the DCAU to do your movies! They've proven they can tell great stories with these characters that appeal to kids and adults alike," but I don't know if anyone will ever listen to me.

Though really, the only question I want answered is, in the DCEU, does World War II ever happen? I'm wondering if Wonder Woman's actions were enough to prevent an encore performance. It'd make more sense than her deciding to do her nails or something while Hitler waltzes around Europe.

I'm also wondering if we really needed the rest of the League. She nearly has Superman's entire power set, minus the Kryptonite weakness, the opening proves she's nearly as freakishly fast as the Flash, and I imagine in her prolonged lifespan, she's learned enough to go toe-to-toe with Batman in intellect. And she rocks the hell out of a blue dress and is much more fun to be around than Batman. Maybe have Cyborg with her, but still.

tl;dr, it was a solid, albeit unmemorable film.