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Originally Posted by Dasla View Post
In the books he (Poirot) always refers to them as moustaches
That's really the only way to refer to what we see in the movie: moustache, with every syllable drawn out for maximum effect. Because that thing truly is a work of art and we must honor the squirrel that gave its life so Kenneth Branaugh could look so damn good.

Originally Posted by Sue View Post
Being a huge Christie aficionado I am always hesitant to see film or TV versions of her novels. Sounds like this one could work though. Without giving away the ending to anyone who is unfamiliar with the book could you tell me if the movie honours the plot of the book or are they just using the title?!
I haven't formally read the book, but I kind of already knew about it, thanks to Wikipedia. Was looking up something else and I stumbled onto that. For the record, the answer is yes.