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Skull The Internet Is Truly Obsessed With This Cat Owner's Ghost Story

The Internet Is Truly Obsessed With This Cat Owner's Ghost Story

An illustrator and cat owner has been sharing evidence of what he believes is paranormal activity within his apartment.

Adam Ellis began live-tweeting some unusual occurrences in his flat at the beginning of August.

He began with a Twitter thread suggesting his apartment was “haunted by the ghost of a dead child” because he kept having dreams about him. The internet found it fascinating, and ended up retweeting the thread more than 50,000 times.

He has since shared footage of his cats acting bizarrely in the middle of the night - and he’s either a video-editing whizz kid or he should probably find a new apartment, pronto.

The cats go and stare at his front door right on midnight every night for 6 nights in a row. They also jump over invisible things and stand up and swipe at nothing. He set up a camera to capture all this and got footage of a glass moving all by itself, things falling off the wall, chairs rocking all by themselves, etc etc..

All of which would be really easy to fake ...
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