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Another 'sighting'
Footage of alleged 'encounter' with Tassie tiger

RAW: Video released by a group of Tasmanian tiger enthusiasts claims to show a Tasmanian tiger walking through bushland in a remote part of the island's north.

Another article:

The animal first noses around the camera and you get a pretty good view of its pink nose and then later wander off through the bush. The footage isn't very clear at this point as you can tell from this still posted in the second article:

(It's pretty much right in the centre of the image if you're having trouble spotting it.)

My 2c: the creature that waddles off through the bush seems to be a bit too shortlimbed and chubby for a thylacine and also the nose that pokes at the camera seems to be pink and not dark black/brown as a thylacine's nose should. It's probably a quoll.
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