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I liked it out when I lived in Manitoba. It was public insurance**. So, if the car was registered, you knew it was insured.

There was no varying rate in Manitoba based upon age, gender, etc. Only variable was your driving record. Other provinces did have that. I remember moving as a young soldier from Manitoba to another province and my insurance jumping from $468 per annum to $2020 per annum. Because the new province did not use public insurance.

Also, when my car was totalled (was not being driven, but someone ran into it after they lost control of their vehicle), it was real simple for the Manitoba Public Insurance company to sort out and resolve.

But, they had "no-fault" insurance there too. Was not a big fan of that. Why should it be on my insurance record that some jackass screwing around in his car hit my parked car and totalled it.

Back to an earlier post of mine: I also realised that private purchases (and I'm not certain about used car purchases) did not have the requirement to show insurance at the time of licensing as it was merely a case of signing over the registration.

**The provincial insurance programme covered the basic Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) for all drivers. It also offered increased coverage beyond PLPD for a cost. But I could also go with another insurance company for the coverage beyond PLPD if I chose.
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