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Another issue is that the contractor who did the cladding says that it did meet the codes it needed to. That may or may not be the case, but either way, the fire regulations are obviously too weak at the moment.

The lack of sprinklers wasn't against the fire regulations, for example. It would have been in a newly-built block, but in a block that age, there was no obligation to fit sprinklers when it was built, and no obligation to retrofit them. (I've not heard about Andrew's rumour that there were sprinklers at one time, but they were removed, though. From what I've read, there were never sprinklers, and that wasn't against the fire regulations.)

(eta) To make one of these political statements that we're apparently not supposed to make after tragedies with political elements, but which people seem to be increasingly making anyway because they've realised that it's a rather self-serving condition on the part of those who might be able to do something about stuff but don't want to, people have been pointing out that Labour (under Corbyn) put forward a proposal to ensure that private accommodation was kept up to a habitable standard, and which might have done something about this situation, last year but it was blocked by the Conservatives, many of whom are also private landlords:
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