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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
Here is a grossly simplified explanation of how this fire could have spread: (Please note that although I am a certified fire and explosion investigator, I have no direct knowledge of this fire. All this is speculation)

The fire starts in one unit, apparently on the 4th floor. That fire becomes intense because of the apparent lack of sprinklers. The fire breaks the windows. The flames impinge on the windows directly above. Those break and involve that apartment. The fire also may burn through walls horizontally because of unplanned openings for piping or whatever. Substandard wall construction could also contribute to the horizontal spread of the fire.

My thoughts go out to the people impacted. I am very glad that area churches, including a mosque, are helping those displaced by the fire.
Accusations at the moment concern the cladding. Was it made of the correct material or was it sub-standard in quality? During the refurbishment last year the local residents' association was constantly complaining of the quality of the work being carried out. One of the officers of the association even had people from the building company knocking on his door and making threats. I have heard that the sprinklers in the block were removed at this time.

Just a point about the fourth floor where the fire is thought to have started (possibly by a fridge exploding (?)). This is the fourth residential floor. The ground floor is, or was, a reception and facilities area. Then came about four floors of offices and community space. Thus the first residential floor was actually the fifth floor and the fourth residential floor was the eighth floor of the block.

When they did the work the company who did the cladding were in administration (this means they were bankrupt and were looking for a buyer). I read a report that they have now been liquidated (i.e. they're kaput).
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