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Questions are already being asked about the refurbishment last year. Cladding was placed on the outside, but residents were complaining about the gap between the cladding and the wall. One fire safety expert said tonight that this gap could have acted like a funnel helping to spread the flames from the fourth residential floor right up to the top floor.

There were 24 residential floors in total and 120 flats in total. There might have been, said police, up to 600 people in the block at the time. Even as the flames spread people in the block were being told to stay in their flats as their front doors would hold back the flames. One man says how he ignored the advice and escaped with his family. If he had stayed put all would have died.

I am dreading the news tomorrow and the coming days as firefighters begin searching the shell of the block. The photographs and video footage on television tonight made for horrific viewing. Some shocking photographs adorn the front pages of tomorrow's papers.
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