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I realize that BamaRainbow's posting is quite old, but I had to comment on the errors in this. Bama's legal advice is not good in this instance. In my city, it is illegal to even knock on someone's door if they have a "No Solicitors" sign prominently posted. There are allowances, such as non-profit organizations (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc), and political candidates. I can open the door to those people, but if a commercial vendor comes to my door, I can and will call the police and the police will respond. I do not need to tell the vendor to go away first (the sign has already told them that). In fact, our city encourages homeowners to call the police in such cases. There are some commercial vendors that try to skirt the law by claiming that they are NOT selling anything. They want to "give" free estimates or they want to "partner up" with houses in the neighborhood. These fake-outs won't work. Even if you are not trying to sell me something right at my door, if your ultimate goal is to eventually ask me to give you money, you are a door-to-door salesperson. So if you come to my door, I won't get angry with you; I'll simply call the police and you will be arrested or at the very least fined. Now, a vendor could just walk away before the police come, but my advice would be to stay and wait for them and deal with the issue. If you move on to the next house, the police may pull into their driveway just as you are in the middle of making a sale. Even if you walk away, the police will follow you down the street and stop you wherever you are. Best advice: before you go selling door to door (or giving free estimates or partnering with homeowners), check the laws of the city where you are operating. Most of these laws are easily accessible online. But if you see a "No Solicitors" sign, don't knock.
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