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Aversion therapy? She'll eventually learn that bad things happen when she bites and stop it. Eventually.

I don't mean smacking her or anything like that (which is a bad idea on its own but a really bad idea when the cat is already got its teeth in you) or punishing her afterwards (she won't associate that with the biting and it won't help at all, it'll just maker her miserable) but just making it an unpleasant experience. I've found that the best way to break out of a cat's playful bite is to push into it. Never try to pull away from it, that just makes the game all the more fun as far as the cat is concerned.*

Cats also really hate it when you poke a finger into their mouth when they're trying to bite you. It doesn't hurt them at all and if you do it just right they won't be able to chomp down on your finger.

* Also the cat holds all the cards if you try to pull away. I once knew a cat who was really affectionate but would WHACK you with his claws if his mood changed and he'd usually draw blood. If I tried to pull my hand away he'd usually get me because he's a lot faster than I am but if I moved my hand closer he wouldn't have room to maneuver and would calm down almost instantly, letting me move away without blood loss.
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