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I think this falls into the category of 'theoretically possible but highly unlikely to actually happen.'

Sure, a cat is physically capable of, for instance, delivering a bite that opens a major artery. But the chances of one actually trying to do so are quite minimal; we're far too large and too dangerous to be prey, and far too dangerous to attempt to kill out of aggression, unless the cat's entirely insane. Cats do sometimes seriously bite or scratch people, but they're not trying to kill the person, they're trying to get the person to Go Away and Leave Me Alone, or more likely to LET GO!!

And the chances of the cat succeeding even if it did try to kill a human must also be minimal. Unless the human is extremely sound asleep or incapacitated, any adult human or older child who's desperate enough to do so, or who just doesn't care how badly the cat gets hurt in the process, can stop an attacking cat.

There have probably been some cases of humans contracting rabies from cats, and maybe some cases of people with poor resistance to infection dying from cat-inflicted infected wounds, but I don't think that's what MrWhitman is asking about.
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