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Originally Posted by Coughdrops View Post
I can't wait for it to happen. I'm also looking forward to detaching my Picasa account from Google+.
Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
That said, I still thought it was dumb to try to 'force' people there by linking it to YouTube and other places. I don't mind if they want to offer the option of signing into sites using Google+ (as many sites offer to let you log in via Facebook) but it should never have been mandatory.
I've never had a Facebook account and I have kept my Google+ pages as barren as possible since the whole social networking thing doesn't interest me at all. (I do use LinkedIn because it's work-related but it's entirely limited to my career and has absolutely nothing to do with my personal life or interests.) Even if I liked that sort of thing I wouldn't have used Google+ since it was forced on me.
Originally Posted by Crius of CoH View Post
I'm pretty much in the same camp as you, E. Q. After my incredibly disappointing and extremely irritating one-month-long experience with Facebook a few years ago, I found Google+ to be exactly what I wanted - but it never even developed into the limited experience I wanted it to be, let alone what Google wanted. Oh well.
In addition to being appalled by their effort to force it on people I never understood their desire to take on Facebook. A much better alternative in my opinion would have been to try something different like Pinterest. That site has became very successful over roughly the same time period without trying to take on Facebook. And it wasn't forced on people.

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