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I wish Google+ had taken off -- I like the control over who sees your messages and some other features much better than Facebook. But, it never got the "critical mass" needed to snowball; it was never near the point where I could move away from Facebook and still keep in touch with enough of my friends to matter. As it is, I peek at it once in a while and generally only see posts from Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, and the Bernie Sanders campaign. (I also occasionally post there at random -- sometimes things I'm not comfortable posting on Facebook, to a more limited circle; things I feel I have to vent about, but with the knowledge that it's quite likely no one will read it, let alone respond.)

That said, I still thought it was dumb to try to 'force' people there by linking it to YouTube and other places. I don't mind if they want to offer the option of signing into sites using Google+ (as many sites offer to let you log in via Facebook) but it should never have been mandatory.

But then, I'm someone who likes keeping all my net social activity separated. (See This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong; I'm Batman, not Iron Man...)
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