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Hey, it may take me a while, but I get around to seeing popular films eventually. Tonight I watched Forrest Gump. It was definitely worth watching. What I found most interesting was the way it told the story of Jenny, in small bits and pieces, usually where it crossed over with Forrest's. While Forrest gets by on miracles and talents appearing out of nowhere, Jenny's life has a more realistic and almost inevitable arc. I was surprised when I looked at a few IMDB user comments at the hostility toward the character and how she brushed off Forrest until she needed him. This attitude kind of ignores her backstory and the way she reacted to the abuse (and probably molestation) that came from her father. Yeah, more complicated men than Forrest would probably give up and find someone else, and you can't entirely blame them, but it's not really her fault.

I also recently re-watched Amadeus, which is still brilliant.