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Originally Posted by firefighter_raven View Post
Recently watched ... Parallels which might actually be meant as a tv pilot. It's premise is very similar to Sliders but it's an office building that is the method of changing universes. The building jumps every 36 hours and it apparently has some purpose from it's creators but the cast doesn't know what it is.
It started off kind of slow but got much better towards the end to the point of being extremely frustrating if nothing else happens with it.
Watched it last night; it really was quite good! Certainly better than Sliders (which I followed for 4 increasingly-disappointing seasons in the hope that it would somehow get better). And yes, it does seem like a pilot episode for a series, what with all of those loose ends just begging for an adventurous conclusion!

Slight nitpick: from what I gathered, the building itself doesn't "move" from universe to universe; the interior does. The exterior exists in many universes (or there are many exterior shells). I wonder if the nuke destroyed the shell in the apocalyptic universe?

The gun was pretty neat.