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Default Movies you've seen recently

Since the last post was over two weeks ago (and I don't feel like digging past that), I'll start a new thread.

Birdman finally hit Redbox this week. I liked it, but ... this is why the Oscars don't matter all that much. (And yet, I watch the Best Picture winner every year.) The acting was good, and I liked the drum-based score, but how does anyone think this was the best movie of the year? The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy both had more interesting story lines and characters than this.

ETA: And I'll elaborate a little on the acting. It shows that acting is acting. These were good, "serious" performances by people (Michael Keaton, Zach G., Emma Stone, Edward Norton) whom I know mainly for comedies and science fiction. Zach is both, because, while he's best known for comedies, I first knew him as the coroner in Tru Calling.

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