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Originally Posted by Ali Infree View Post
She says that her predictions may be limited because "I see only what I look at." Hmmm. What do other people see when they look?
If this is a serious question (I'm not psychic) there is meaning to that.

Method 1 of precognition: The person gets premonitions or feelings about events like we get dreams, without conscious thought. Think Spidey-Sense, Spider-Man (or Peter Parker) gets a feeling that something is wrong out of the blue.

Method 2 of precognition: The person gets feelings or ideas about events when they concentrate on that event. Think Dead Zone, where you replace touching with thinking.

She is claiming that she uses method 2 instead of method 1. Probably so that she doesn't get called out for not saying anything about major events, like the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland that shut down air travel for Europe for a week. If she claimed method 1, there would be questions about why she didn't "see" such a big event. With method 2, she just says, "I only see what I look at."
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