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Many can play at that game:

I predict:

- there will be a celebrity that dies well before his/her time (name withheld to prevent said celebrity from panicking).
- two more celebrities will die within a short time afterwards, aged appropriately, but will become a "death in threes" talking point
- partisan politics will be the MO for many of the political issues involving democratic governments
- conflict around the world will continue, and the US and Russia will see very different ways of resolving it
- poverty will not disappear this year
- "abundance of caution" will become the catch phrase to confine any traveller returning to North America from a destination not found in a Christmas post card
- "abundance of caution" will be one of the expressions deemed overused and nominated for deletion by Lake Superior University
- emotions, rather than reason, will be the driving force in many, if not all, political/business decision

And I bet a dollar that an athlete will cry upon losing their chance at a championship (athlete's name password protected to protect their privacy and the name of the team that will blow the championship)

Sound good?
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