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This is my second post today offering an anecote in place of evidence. Oops. But here it is; many years ago when my children were little, my daughter asked me to play with her. I told her sorry, but I needed to make dinner. She said "Can I help you push the buttons?" At the time, I was mortified, but I also thought it was funny as hell, so I told several people about it.

About 6 months later, I heard Jane Pauley being intereviewed and she told the exact same story. The chances of there being anyone we both know who could have heard my story and told it to her are, at the least, quite slim. So this is just sort of a natural quetion for kids to ask I guess. My point (ah, at last!) is that it's not out of the realm of possibilities for two people with no connection to relate the exact same anecdote without it being a case of plagerism (or whatever the correct term is -grand theft anecdote perhaps.)

Or, as the last person pointed out, it's also possible McKellen never passed it off as his story and the source from the OP just remebmered incorrectly.
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