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Originally Posted by zarchery View Post
This is one of those things that I wonder if anyone actually believes. Or is it one of those things everyone sarcastically pretends to believe, like that 2012 Mayan apocalypse thing? I know that I made a post last week regarding Bacall's death and asking "ok who's number 3", but I was being tongue in cheek.
I think you are overestimating people if you think that the 2012 people were just sarcasticlly pretended to believe. In 2014 it's easy to pretend you never gave it serious consideration. But back in 2011-2012 I remember it differently. Sort of like how you would be hard pressed to find someone who will admit to believing Y2K was going to destroy our infrastructure, but they existed. I has some neighbors who turned their garage into a Y2K shelter.
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