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Without having read either autobiography, there were quite a lot of incendiary devices dropped on London, and unexploded bombs and shells are still found quite regularly even now, so it doesn't seem unbelievable that they both might have separately found part of an unexploded bomb, especially if that part was yellow and so stood out. That must have happened quite a lot. It depends how much of the rest of the description is the same, I suppose.

Michael Caine was born in 1933 and Ian McKellen was born in (May) 1939 according to Wikipedia (He's six years younger than Michael Caine?!). The Blitz was from September 1940 - May 1941 so Michael Caine would have been the right sort of age but Ian McKellen would clearly have been too young to remember playing outside with friends at that time, and it's dubious that he would even be old enough to have done so. If you extend "Blitz" to mean just WWII bombing in general, there would have been bombs and bomb parts lying around for years, so it could have been later in the war or even after the war.

Anybody got the autobiographies to look up what they actually say?
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