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Fright Ian McKellen vs. Michael Caine

Comment: I'm not sure this fall under the category of rumor, but both
Michael Caine and Sir Ian McKellen in their autobiographies tell almost
the exact same story of being boys during the Blitz and finding a yellow
tube in the debris from the Luftwaffe bombing. They both say that they
and their friends played with the yellow tube for hours until a butcher
finds them on the street. He takes the tube, covers it with sandbags and
tells them to "piss off --it's a bomb." They explain that the "tube" was
actually an incendiary device and would have probably killed or maimed
them if it had worked properly. My question is, which man is telling the
truth? There are too many similarities for it to be an experience both of
them shared. Or did both hear this good story and incorporate it into
their own life stories? Was this, perhaps a news story they decided to add
to their own lives?
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