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Not to my pet, but to my son's (Macheath's) Jack Russell.

Dear Falstaff,
You were a good dog. You loved Jonathan and Rebecca and were fiercely loyal to them. You were never happier than when you snuggled next to both of them. Sometimes you were weird--I remember your phobia of any kind of container, no matter how small, if it was on the floor. Sometimes you were exasperating--I remember the time you escaped from the vacation house we'd rented in Crescent Beach and led Barbara and me on a wild chase before you made the tactical mistake of going through the open gate in someone's fenced yard.

You could be a handful. When Barbara and I thought it would be a good idea to have your photo taken with Santa as a present for Jonathan and Rebecca, we didn't realize that Santa would require some serious therapy afterward.

But you were endearing. When your sister Thisbe was crated for misbehavior, you'd tease her by finding her favorite squeaky toy and chewing on it right outside the crate. And you were funny. Once when you were staying with us for a few days, I heard a crash downstairs, but before I could go see what you'd knocked over, you came running into the room, slunk into your own crate, and then reached out to paw the door shut, knowing that I wouldn't give you a long time-out after that display of contrition.

You had seventeen years of joy with your family, and it ended yesterday. Jonathan and Becca are heartbroken, and so are we. Rest in peace, Falstaff. You were a good dog.
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