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Originally Posted by BamaRainbow View Post
Not really seeing the "bipartisan corruption" here. The Governor of Texas is a Republican. The Speaker of the Texas House is a Republican.

Unless Redstate is trying to push more support to Tea Party GOPers, I'm really not seeing where there's any "bipartisan corruption."

(And no. I did NOT read the Redstate article. I don't believe anything that's connected to Erick Erickson. Unless some highlights are posted detailing the culpability of Texas Democrats as well as the aforementioned GOPers, there's not enough money in the world that would make me read anything AT that far-right-wing piece of crap.)
Did you read ANY of the articles? The governor is not implicated at all, and it is his appointee who is the whistleblower. And the Speaker of the House, while a Republican, was elected to the position with substantial support from both parties.

There are several legislators implicated in apparent abuse of the admissions process (i.e. political pressure to get the kids of connected individuals admitted) is state sen Judith Zaffirini, Dem. of Laredo. Also involved is state rep. Robert Alonzo, Dem Dallas. There are also several Republicans, but I mention these two because you challenged the bipartisan nature of the situation (while accusing people who were not at all implicated)
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