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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
Adds do that. Makers don't use the chemical name since it tells the average Joe absolutely nothing. So a chemist is annoyed because the description is basically worthless, so what? What in an advertisement isn't worthless?
I admit I'm finding this exchange confusing. In my post in Feb 2012 I thought I explicitly stated that "nitrogen" was a marketing buzzword at the time. At this point it feels to me that you're "arguing" with me by paraphrasing that post and repeating my own thoughts back to me, but in an angrier tone.

Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
I believe that the force required to seal a compression fitting is about compressing the (brass, copper?) ferrule.
Stainless steel ferrule, only slightly softer than the treated SS seat. It's not a great comparison but it's the first relevant anecdote I could come up with.

Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
Compression fittings are never (properly) installed while a system is pressurized.
Quite right; I had to check a bunch of lines with inert prior to running toxic gases through them, and the N2 shutoff valve was too far away to bother going back and forth. I was lazy and if I had stripped some threads it would've been entirely my fault for being careless.

The ferrules had been bonded to the tube quite a while ago though; I'm not sure it would be possible to install ferrules while the line was flowing.
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