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Originally Posted by overyonder View Post
I have a few high pressure regulators in my garage (for welding, carbonating, etc) and all of them have release valve to "dump out" in case the regulator goes on the fritz.
I did a quick survey of the regulators on my instruments; they're all 2-stage regulators that take ~6000 psi gas down to ~400 psi interstage, and the low pressure side maxes out at 150-200 psi. The safety valves are all 400 psi relief valves on the low pressure side. Most of our tubing is rated for around 5000 psi, although our most expensive instruments require 15-40 psi and would probably be catastrophically unhappy at pressures much above 100 psi.

Originally Posted by BoKu View Post
I've actually filled a small tire straight from a 2000 PSI bottle. I couldn't hold the air chuck on the valve stem above about 100 PSI.
I can remove and reconnect 1/4" compression fittings for N2 at 45 psi but it's not particularly easy to push the ferrule hard enough into the seat to get the nut to thread. I absolutely could not get a full seal without the lever force of 5 inch wrench.
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