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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
I would be very surprised if shoe (foam) manufactures are using "nitrogen" and not referring to bubbles.
The paragraph prior to the first one you quoted discussed the use of gas as a blowing agent, i.e. producing bubbles.

Including nitrogen gas
I can google now and find that nitrogen gas is in fact a blowing agent. If you're claiming it was also a blowing agent a year ago, when I made the statements you're responding to, I guess that's probably true, and in any case I'm not in a position to argue.

I don't see anything wrong with "nitrogen enhanced" fuels since the additives do indeed contain nitrogen.
To paraphrase Judge Judy, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's nitrogen.

I just don't think it's clever to describe chemicals as if they were one particular element they contained. If you hand me a glass of water and tell me it's a glass of hydrogen I reserve the right to roll my eyes. The bonds matter; claiming otherwise just takes you down the "water fueled car" road.

You could label a nitrous oxide system as "nitrogen enhanced". Not that that tells you anything.
I'm pretty sure the very suggestion would get me fired for being much too stupid to have my job. Not that any production car would ever use N2O anyway.

(Nitrous is used for a completely different reason than are detergents, Nitrous is part of the oxidizer and contributes a heck of a lot of energy to the combustion process.)
Nitrous oxide is used because it's an oxidizer and, unlike oxygen, you can liquify it at room temperature. Its 70F psat is only ~750 psi, so it's similar to a propane tank. No insulation required, minimal degassing. Easy peasy.

Still not great stuff to inject into an engine. Nobody tests (well, not seriously) about what this does to cylinder/block temperatures, and I feel pretty safe stating that no PCM for any car sold in the USA includes N2O injection tables.
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