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I've actually filled a small tire straight from a 2000 PSI bottle. I couldn't hold the air chuck on the valve stem above about 100 PSI.

Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
Tire explosions aren't exactly common but they aren't unheard of either.
I would think most failures are due to a flaw in the tire or rim but at least some are from over pressurizing (for example to get a bead to seal well). Give the mechanic access to 6000 PSI instead of 120 PSI and who knows what'll happen? A very high pressure source will fill a car tire pretty darn quickly, a mechanic used to 100 PSI could easily blow a tire if he suddenly had 1000 PSI and wasn't careful.

You can get fixed output regulators but most regulators are adjustable. In a shop, with an adjustable regulator, you would need to lock the regulator to keep people from fiddling with it.
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