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It's true that women would be more likely to be sterilized via tubal ligation than hysterectomy, but the story makes it clear that she had the latter:
She knew that no man would ever accept her as a wife, so she went to a hospital and told the doctor to remove her womb so that she would no longer be coming for abortions. [...]The man still insisted to marry her and she told the Pastor, 'I don't have a womb, I removed it after several abortions', but the pastor still insisted, 'The Lord said u are my wife', so they got married.
[...] The lady and the man went to the hospital were her womb was removed, the doctor thought she was coming for another business...but the lady told the doctor that 'i am pregnant and i have come to your hospital to register'. The doctor was shocked, with laughter he said, 'u told me to remove your womb, u can no longer have children'. but the lady told him it is the GRACE, FAVOUR and MERCY of GOD that she's pregnant.
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