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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
You can't get a pregnancy test that shows how far along you are, for one thing, and for another, aren't most tests not going to show you until you're at least at 6 or 8 weeks? (Never had to try them, myself, so I honestly don't actually know--but you'd wait to test until after you missed one for at least a week or so, wouldn't you?)
You're right that women usually don't discover unintended pregnancies until they miss a period, and are therefore usually more than a month along. Since this woman had a hysterectomy, I imagine she wasn't even getting periods, so if her uterus magically regrew and she got pregnant, I imagine she wouldn't notice anything until she started showing at around 6 months. But today's home pregnancy tests can detect a pregnancy even a couple days before your period is due. So if she'd had some vivid dream 3 1/2 weeks post-LMP in which God told her she was pregnant, and she decided to get a test to confirm it, she would be able to do so. The pregnancy test wouldn't tell her how far along she was, but the ultrasound would.
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