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There's a fairly big "survivor" movement in the collector car world, so most of that won't matter to the sort of person who would buy one of the low-mileage ones stored indoors. They're not buying a car to drive, they're buying a car to preserve. It'd get cleaned up, the fluids changed, and any mileage it accrues would be rolling on and off a trailer. Hell, they probably won't even get new tires, if the existing ones still hold air.

Judging from the photos I've seen, the ones that have been stored outside will most likely need full restoration anyway, if they're not beyond salvation. Leaving a car sitting in a field for decades is a really good way to ensure it never drives again.

FWIW, I've read about similar old small-town dealers that did the same thing-close down and sell off some cars that just sat in the warehouse for thirty years or whatever because they didn't sell off the lot and the owners didn't want to take a loss on them, and have shelves full of NOS parts from the 50's.
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