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Here is what seems to be a legitimate post-mortem funeral photograph (don't worry, it's tacky but it's not gory), however it's from the 1940s rather than the 19th Century and the dead guy is seated rather than standing. I say it's legitimate because the subject definitely seems to be presented for a funeral and because he looks pretty, well, dead.

I suspect that of your links, only the photo of the little girl and little boy actually depicts a corpse (the boy, obviously). In the ebay links, it's likely the sellers thought they would get more interest and money by appealing to morbid curiosity.

Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
Don't forget poor about poor dental hygiene. People with crooked, decayed, or missing teeth probably didn't want that image preserved for posterity.
You can smile without showing any teeth, though.

Here's a gallery of smiling Victorians if anybody's as interested as I am (scroll down to see all of them). My favourite is the little boy in the top hat!
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