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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
That's a "report" in a way, but it seems to me to eliminate most of any "I will say it hurts less because I think I should say that" factor.
Not at all. And that's not the only factor anyway. If I think I've already received treatment is it even fair for me to ask for more treatment? All we know from these studies is that people who think they are being treated respond differently than people who do not. That's really nothing to base any treatment on. The bottom line is: If you have an ailment, get some attention. It doesn't require tricking the patient into thinking they're being treated (or, in the case of actual placebo-based studies where they do not actually lie to patients, have a 50-50 chance of being treated).

Also, it's such a gross oversimplification to say that this is the "I think I should say that" factor. What we're talking about is a barely statistically significant more likely to tick one box higher on a set of boxes. The reasons for that are complex and numerous. So to go back to the UFO example, that's like saying "well we eliminated the 'Venus on the horizon' factor so that's that". There are thousands of other possible lights besides Venus.
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