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Originally Posted by Roadsterboy View Post
Depends on the kind of car. You'll more frequently find sports cars or other performance cars (something like the Mitsubishi EVO or Golf GTi) with manual transmission on the lot, but fewer sedans (like base model Honda Civics). Lots of cars have the option but it's so infrequently chosen that dealers may only stock one of them with manual.
Manual is the default here, but for sports/performance cars, DSG is a favorite option for the car enthusiasts. It is classified as an automatic but with the paddle shifters gives the driver the option of controlling the shifting. We have a Seat Ibiza Bocanegra with the 7-speed DSG automatic and it's fun to drive. (Yes, we had to wait - mainly because we ordered one the first week it was possible to order.)

But even after a year, I still sometimes search for the clutch pedal.

Add my mom to the can drive manual, but drives an automatic list. After 45 years living in Seattle, she's had enough of that nonsense. On the plus side, someone who can drive a manual in Seattle can drive a manual just about anywhere. On the minus side, it's annoying to drive in downtown Seattle traffic. There are too many people who hold licenses that are not prepared for the challenges of every day driving in Seattle (and many other places).

Today's manual transmissions are less forgiving of a less-than-careful driver. (I had a 68 VW which sometimes allowed me to change gears without the benefit of the clutch.) An automatic allows even a child to get in a car and drive and does not demand the same respect that a manual transmission does. (Even been the first one up at a light, stalled, with a few cars behind you honking the horn? Yes, that's a fun part of the learning experience.)

A newly licensed driver who learned on a manual transmission will be ahead of the newly licensed driver who learned only on an automatic. Experience should even out the difference.
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