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Although the land portion does not look familiar, something very similar can be seen in Muskegon, Michigan. The port is built on Lake Muskegon and has access for ocean-going ships via a short (a mile or two) canal that leads to Lake Michigan, which connects to the ocean via the St. Laurence Seaway. There are public beaches and parks along the Lake Michigan shore and the edge of the canal, with a channel dug out so the ships can safely get to the canal. You can see ships coming in next to the parks that are every bit as close to the beach and the parks as this one shows.

And while this may not be at Muskegon, it is the sort of thing you would see anywhere you have a narrow channel/canal cut through from a big body of water to a sheltered inland port, so there is nothing inherently suspicious of this picture - they just have used perspective to crop out the canal to the left.
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