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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Also, a significant portion of the "radar" guns you see police using these days are actually laser based, not radar based. I don't know if those are affected by rain either, but seeing an officer using a speed measuring gun doesn't automatically mean they are using radar.
Maybe it's a regional thing but LIDAR isn't THAT common. It's a very expensive tool and the RADAR units have already been purchased. Working in the east bay the only time I saw a LIDAR unit was when I went to the training course for it.

LIDAR is affected by rain. It's a light beam. So fog, rain, smoke, etc will shorten the effective distance.

It's ironic that people always try to fight speeding ticket based on RADAR by googling things on the internet. Most errors cause by RADAR technology actually show a DECREASE in speed and not an increase in speed.

The best way to beat a RADAR ticket is ask for the logs for the RADAR gun. It's common the officer either does not test the unit or does not document the testing of the unit. At least in California it's expected to be done at the start of the shift and at the end of the shift.
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